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Virtual Childbirth Education Classes

 Engage in comprehensive virtual classes covering the entire childbirth process, including stages of labor, pain management techniques, and postpartum care.

 Receive personalized education from experienced instructors, interact with other expectant parents, and build confidence in your birthing journey.

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Prenatal Consultations

One-on-one virtual sessions with a certified instructor to address individual concerns, provide personalized education, and offer emotional support throughout pregnancy.

Receive tailored guidance, ask specific questions, and address personal needs in a private and supportive environment.

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Breastfeeding Workshops

Virtual workshops focusing on breastfeeding techniques, common challenges, and strategies for successful breastfeeding.

Gain essential knowledge, build confidence in breastfeeding, and connect with a supportive community of expectant and new parents.

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Newborn Care Classes

 Interactive virtual or in person classes covering essential newborn care topics, including diapering, bathing, soothing techniques, and recognizing signs of illness.

 Learn practical skills for caring for your newborn, enhance your parenting confidence, and connect with other parents in a virtual setting.

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Labor Support Class

Virtualor in person class offering guidance on coping mechanisms, labor positions, and effective communication with medical professionals during labor.

 Acquire tools to manage the challenges of labor, understand the birthing process, and feel more empowered during the delivery

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Postpartum Wellness Series and Support Groups

Series of virtual sessions addressing postpartum emotional wellness, self-care, and adapting to the changes during the postpartum period.

Receive support in navigating the emotional aspects of postpartum, develop self-care practices, and connect with other new parents.

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Parenting Strategy Sessions

Virtual sessions providing strategies for parenting, including effective communication, creating a nurturing environment, and fostering infant-parent bonding.

Gain insights into parenting approaches, develop a parenting plan, and build a strong foundation for a positive parent-child relationship.