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Empowering and compassionate Childbirth Education and Birth Navigation services for a memorable and transformative childbirth experience.

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At Heart of Adonai, we believe in the transformative power of childbirth and the importance of compassionate, evidence-based care. Founded by Shamika, a seasoned doula with over 18 years of experience in maternal healthcare, Heart of Adonai is dedicated to nurturing and empowering families through childbirth and early parenthood.


Our Services

Prenatal Support and Education

Prenatal Support and Education

Comprehensive guidance and care throughout your pregnancy journey. Prepare for birth with confidence.
Postpartum Support and Education

Postpartum Support and Education

Tailored Support and Assistance for Your Postpartum Recovery and Adjustment Period

O pés do bebê são uma lembrança linda  para os pais.

Education and Support Groups for Postpartum and Parenting

The postpartum and early parenting stages are pivotal in a parent's journey. While it can present daunting challenges, it also brims with moments of joy, love, and fresh starts. Prioritizing mental and physical health is crucial for parents during this time. Don't go through it alone, connect with us.

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